The Floodwood Staff have been hard at work this week showing a new crop of Scouts around the Adirondacks.

IMG_1705Swim tests at West Pine Pond


IMG_1716More swim tests.  That kind of looks like it might hurt though…


IMG_1731The Floodwood welcome sign with BBQ area and Commissary in the background.


IMG_1733Staff member Alex putting together trail food orders.


IMG_1735Opening day BBQ.

IMG_1740A crew getting ready to push off after getting dropped off.


IMG_1745This crew is ready to go!

IMG_1767Floodwood staff on a maintenance project.

IMG_1772A trek testing out their archery skills!

IMG_1779At the archery firing line with FMR staff looking on.

IMG_1785Archery range.


IMG_1794A trek enjoying time at the waterfront.

IMG_1797A beautiful day at West Pine Pond.