Week 1 is well underway!  Crews have been out on trek and the reports we have heard are full of smiles, fun stories, and campfires, but also challenging winds and portages, two staples of north woods trekking!

As they trickle back into camp after enjoying the canoeing in our backyard, they will get a chance to enjoy tubing and waterskiing, rock climbing, and our other in-camp programs.  There have already been a few groups who made the trek up Floodwood Mountain, and as the photos below can attest to, the sunrises can be spectacular!

Weather was pretty decent this week, with the usual occasional storm, but lots of blue sky and sun!  We did have some chilly morning temps, but nothing a little fire or hot chocolate can’t handle!

We had a few crews challenge themselves with the St. Regis Canoe area, another crew take on the Racquette River on their way to Tupper Lake, and a few others crews exploring the Saranac Lakes.

We are excited about the last few days we have to share this week and are anxiously awaiting the final BBQ and closing Camp Fire program!  We hope the treks this week have all had as much fun as we have had sharing camp with them!


Photo of the opening evening BBQ.

Fog covered lakes

Spectacular sunrise from Floodwood Mountain!launching canoes at Rollins

Treks launching for canoe trek from our Rollins Pond Canoe Base.Morning Mist

Another view of sunrise from Floodwood Mountain.  West Pine Pond, our waterfront is hidden beneath the early morning fog.Swim Tests

Swim tests on check-in day at West Pine Pond.


Tubing on RollinsAction shot of a crew enjoying the tubing on Rollins Pond!View from Floodwood Mountain

Sunrise from Floodwood Mountain with the lakes of the North Woods shrouded in fog and mist.Waterski at Rollins

Showing off good form while waterskiing at Rollins Pond.  Impressive!keepsake paddle makingMaking the new ‘keepsake’ paddles!



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