Thanks to all who made Summer 2016 a success at Floodwood!  Youth, Adult Leaders, Staff members, and volunteers contributed to a great 5 weeks on the waters and trails of the Adirondacks.

What we do at Floodwood goes beyond the 12 points of the Scout Law and the morals embedded in the Scout Oath.  On the one hand we as leaders facilitating the experiences that Scouts have at Floodwood need to say very little out on trek, as time on a river or lake or in the mountains presents life lessons well beyond the concrete experience at hand that are available for anyone who cares to learn them.  Challenge, perseverance, confronting fear, pride in learning new skills – the list goes on and on and the magic of our environment often is the best teacher.  Canoe tripping works very well as a vehicle for learning.

On the other hand it often takes a guide to nudge the learning and the experience,  someone who can make these experiences and lessons come to life and realization, explaining the deeper meaning of experience encourage reflection.  Both sides are right, and both have a place.  The question then becomes, when and where is each appropriate?  Whatever the answer and time and place, we hope your experience at Floodwood these past 5 weeks acted to make an impression on you.

As we take a breath and fondly remember the past summer.  we’re also looking forward to next summer.  We hope to see you all back at Floodwood next summer!  Please stay in touch!