It was a great 1st work weekend, thanks to all that showed up and got a lot of work done! We started the day with cleaning out the buildings from the long winter and getting them ready for the operational summer season. We moved the canoes out of the Program Building, cleaned the Commissary, and moved boats, sheep herder stoves, and other materials around camp from their off-season storage location to where we need them this summer.

We also started the renovation of the staff kitchen, working on shoring up the foundation so we can progress to replacing the walls, roof, and windows. We got a great start on it and look forward to the final product!

A crew worked on building 4 canoe racks which will be used to store canoes this summer at the back end of the parking lot.

Lastly, the staff tents were given new life by installing a new floor.

Despite all the positive changes and work going on at Floodwood, it’s nice to know somethings we love about Floodwood will never change…