Where has the summer gone!  While we can’t believe it is already well into week 4, we are thrilled a whole new group of boys and girls are up for the summer for an experience they will not soon forget!


IMG_1802Some of our local fauna!


IMG_1805Past FMR and Staff Alum pose for a picture.


IMG_1814Waterskiing at Rollins Pond – Troop 54


IMG_1819More Waterskiing

IMG_1843Beautiful day at West Pine Pond

IMG_1853The waterfront during swim tests.

IMG_1864Sunday Night Welcome B-B-Q

IMG_1873Sunday Night Welcome B-B-Q


IMG_1885A trek ready to hit the water!


IMG_1886Loading up the trailers at West Pine Pond Camp before leaving on trek.


IMG_1888A trek with Kevlar boats all ready to go!


IMG_1890While most of them look like they are having fun, it might be too early for the others!  An early start for this trek.


IMG_1904Working on canoeing merit badge at West Pine Pond.


IMG_1913The scenery these crews are spoiled with in the Adirondacks.