We’ve come to the end of another week at Floodwood and we now welcome in another great group of campers into the greater Floodwood Family. ¬†This week we had heat, some storms, 2 50-Miler treks, some furry camp visitors, and come the end of the week, many tired but very satisfied faces. ¬†Thanks to all who helped make it a great experience!

Having fun tubing at Rollins…High Adventure indeed!



Taking it all in on Follensby Clear.IMG_8353

Wilderness survival anyone?IMG_8262

This is part of the reason we’re here…does it get any better?IMG_8261

Giving the ole muscles a break after carries and many miles paddled.


Indian Carry done, shew!IMG_8202

A necessary and sometimes enjoyable (?) part of paddle trips.IMG_8199


He gets it!

Super Voyageur/Commissary Dir/Rocks Dir Michael Wirth digging in the deep J-stroke like a masterDSC00107 DSC00066 IMG_20160719_070102